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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy FIORA® products?

To find a FIORA® retailer near you, enter your zip code into our Store Locator.

Can I purchase FIORA® products online?

Yes, they are available online through many of our retail partners who offer online shopping or partner with delivery apps like Instacart. You can find them with our Buy Online tab or go to our Find Near Me page to see our growing list of in-person retailers.

Are there coupons available for FIORA® products?

We occasionally offer coupons that you can print at home. Visit our Coupons & Offers page to see available offers.

Are your products sustainable?

Absolutely. FIORA® toilet paper, and towels are certified to standards set by the Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC™). PEFC™ is an international non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) through independent third-party certification. They work throughout the entire forest supply chain to ensure that timber and non-timber forest products are produced with the highest ecological, social, and ethical standards. PEFC™ standards require that pulp fiber is derived from well-managed forests and ensures suppliers and manufacturers are committed to the protection of High Conservation Value Forests.

What does PEFC™ certification mean?

PEFC™, the Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification, is the world’s largest forest certification system. Forest certification systems ensure sustainable forest management by monitoring forestries, tracing and labeling forest products, and certifying that they meet certain standards. All FIORA® products are PEFC™ certified.

What are the ingredients in FIORA®?

All FIORA® Brand products are made with 100% pure virgin fiber that doesn’t include any optical brightening agents (OBA’s) such as bleach. Also, you’ll be happy to know that no animal by-product or animal-derived materials are used in our products either.

What is used in the Lavender scented products?

FIORA® Lavender Scented toilet paper is created by applying an essential oil to the tube of our paper roll, rather than the tissue. The oil contains both natural and synthetic ingredients, but the exact ingredient list is considered proprietary by our fragrance partner.

70% more?

We know, “roll math” can be confusing! But here’s how we calculate our 70% more claim: Our FIORA® Double+ toilet paper roll, with 264 sheets, is at least 70% more sheets than the leading brand’s double roll (which only has 142 sheets per roll). For paper towels, our ® Giant+ towel roll is 44.8 square feet per roll, which is at least 70% more than the leading brand’s regular roll (at only 24.9 sq ft!).

Where are your products made?

All FIORA® toilet paper, towels, and facial tissues are manufactured right here in the USA, at our contracted manufacturing plants in California,Oklahoma, and Virginia (unless noted other wise on pack). For some products, we import the raw materials from overseas, but the real work that turns that stuff in to actual products you use in your home happens right here in the US.

Is FIORA® bath tissue safe for sewers and septic systems?

Yes, it sure is. We’ve performed extensive tests to make sure that when FIORA®is used as intended in a properly functioning plumbing system, it shouldn’t cause plumbing problems.

Which Products does FIORA® make?

Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Box Tissue, and coming soon napkins.

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