How FIORA® toilet paper helped one man gain new status in his family


He’s a hard-working dad who would be the first to admit he has an even harder-working wife. For the past few months, she’s been taking extra shifts at work. And for the past few months, he has stepped up in a big way in the Dad department.

Here’s the series of events that led to Frank becoming the accidental family hero.

Event #1: Heroic Savings

Frank’s always looking for a good value. He scours the grocery shelves for the best prices, which is how he ended up with two 12-packs of lavender-scented FIORA® toilet paper in his car.

Now, Frank knew he was getting a great price when he stocked up on FIORA®. What he didn’t know was that his grocery store find was about to make him a very popular husband and dad.

Event #2:Heroic Thoughtfulness

His wife noticed FIORA®’s special qualities first. When she unwrapped the package to stock their bathroom, she instantly could smell the soft lavender scent. “Honey, did you know this toilet paper is scented?” Frank didn’t. “Um, no. Is that okay?” His wife laughed. “It’s more than okay! The bathroom already smells like lavender — amazing!”

Event #3: Heroic Comfort

Next, his kids. Frank got a sense he’d done something right as his family’s shopper when his 17-year-old son said in an offhand way “Dad, you know that new TP you got? The FIORA®? It’s good. Soft. Keep buying it.”

Event #4: Heroic Sustainability

But it was Frank’s 15-year-old daughter who became his biggest fan that day. “Dad! Get this! This FIORA® label says it’s good for the planet! They make their toilet paper from sustainably-grown trees! Good job, Dad. Thanks for doing that.”

Frank was grinning ear to ear. He’d not only gotten a great value but he felt…smart. He felt smart for being the one to discover lavender-scented, soft, and sustainable toilet paper that his entire family appreciated. Smart feels good.

And that, friends, is how Frank became the accidental hero.

You’re welcome, Frank!

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