12-year-old Liam inspired friends and family to find easy ways to live sustainably.

When Liam, a 12-year-old in Los Angeles, was told he’d be going to school from home this year, he – like many kids – wasn’t thrilled. But as the weeks went on, he developed a new, meaningful way to keep things fun: helping friends and family learn everyday actions they could take to live more sustainably and protect our planet.

How do FIORA® toilet paper and paper towel products fit into Liam’s story? As he explained to us in a Zoom interview recently… in a pretty big way!


Several months ago Liam’s mom brought home a large pack of FIORA® Toilet Paper Mega Rolls from the grocery store, and Liam noticed a label on the package that read: “100% PEFC™-certified and committed to sustainable sourcing practices.” He wanted to know what that meant. With a quick search, he discovered that a PEFC certification means the company follows strict guidelines that help protect forests.

His mom was a little surprised by his interest. “It’s like he had a realization,” she explained, “that if it was possible to help the planet by just buying a specific brand of paper towel, there were probably other easy things people could do every day, too.”

And so began Liam’s journey to help make a difference.

Here’s what Liam had to say when we talked to him.

Q. Liam, it’s great to meet you. We were excited to hear how FIORA® got you interested in helping the environment. Can you tell us why that’s important to you?

A. Well, I spend a lot of time outside hiking and camping with my family. I also love all animals — I have two dogs, a cat, five fish, a guinea pig, and a lizard — and would like to work with animals when I grow up. All of these things have to do with nature, so it’s important to take care of nature, and the planet.

Q. You learned about FIORA®’s sustainable practices from the side of the package, is that right?

A. Yeah. I thought it was cool that something made from trees [paper products] could be done in a way that doesn’t hurt nature.

I talked to my mom and dad about it, and asked them what else we could do at home (besides recycling of course) to help the environment. We made a list of things we hadn’t thought about, like: not tearing off more FIORA® paper towel sheets than we need, unplugging toasters and computers and things like that when they aren’t being used, and adding products to the grocery list that come from companies that also care about the environment.

Q. Nice! How’s it going?

A. It’s going great. My family got really into it with me. And then I figured that if we could do it, maybe our friends in the neighborhood and other family members could do it too. So I made up a checklist of easy ways to make a difference every day, and emailed it to everyone!

Q. That’s so great, Liam. Any other plans to keep this interest going?

A. I asked my parents if we could plant some trees soon, and they said yes. In California we can plant trees all year round. And also I learned there are places in most cities that you can go to learn more or get involved. In Los Angeles we love, the Bay Foundation, and the local chapter of the Sierra Club.

Q. Liam, we’re impressed with your efforts. Smart! You’re showing how making a difference starts at home. Speaking of being home — what else do you like to do in your free time?

A. Well, I like video games, and books. But mostly I like my pets, my family, and spending time outside!

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