Get out there … but don’t leave home without FIORA® products!

The great outdoors is waiting for you. Here are a few tips to guide you through when you love it, but …


You love the outdoors. But sometimes it just blows you away.

The beauty. The light. The WIND! Don’t let a strong breeze ruin your picnic … or take your paper towels away. Let nature be your towel holder! Find a leafy branch, slip on your roll, and voilà! The branch holds it firm, and the leaves keep the sheets from catching the wind.

You love the outdoors. But there’s just one thing that bugs you.

Bugs. They’re everywhere. And they should be. It’s their home, too. Remember, there are natural ways to keep bugs away. Apple cider vinegar and fresh lemon are both scents you might love. Ants? Not so much. Wipe down an outdoor eating surface with a spray or squeeze of these scents. Camping? Soak a tissue in the scent and block the small opening where tent zippers come together. And note that mosquitoes don’t adore the lovely scent of our lavender-scented toilet paper.

You love the outdoors. But it doesn’t love you.

Don’t you just hate one-way relationships? If allergies are a problem (and they are for so many), it’s important to be sure you have any medications you might need … and FIORA® brand tissues when you venture outdoors. Keep a tissue box in the glove compartment or trunk. And slip a few tissues in your pocket when you leave to go hug a tree.

You love the outdoors. But sometimes it seems like you must pack for a week!

Enjoying the great outdoors shouldn’t mean taking the great indoors with you! Many things you carry can serve double-duty. Chopsticks are light, thin, and take up very little room. Eat with them. Stir with them. Mark a trail. They make awesome drumsticks. And they have been known to start a good campfire. Here’s another fun campfire hack: make a fire starter with a used toilet paper tube. Fill it with dryer lint and fold in the sides. You’ll be roasting marshmallows in no time!

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