Make it an afternoon to remember — and capture it beautifully on camera, too.

Is a picnic the perfect date? It can be. Whether it’s a date or a family affair, here are a few smart tips to help you make any picnic deliciously picture perfect.


Choose your blanket wisely. Don’t grab one off your bed. Grass gets wet. That’s what makes it look so beautiful in your photos. No one wants a wet bottom. No one. So, choose a blanket made for the job. The best blankets feature a water-resistant side and a softer, more colorful side. Choose a camera-friendly color or pattern that will contrast with your basket.

Family outing? Grab a picnic table. Cover with your blanket and shoot from above or at the corner to capture shapes and angles.

Tools of the trade. If you pack a triangle of cheese and bread, pack a cheese knife, a bread knife, and a cutting board. (Or, slice ahead.) Sunny day? Don’t forget the sunscreen. Staying until dusk? Remember the phone charger — and the bug repellent. You get the picture. That is, you will, because charcuterie boards with fresh fruit, cheese, and bread look great in picnic photos.

Is a basket necessary? Is grass green? And wet (trick question)? Today’s picnic baskets come in many shapes and sizes. Some are even backpacks. Wicker is traditional. Yet a soft carrier can be very photographic — and they’re often insulated. If you’re making your selection for an Instagram-worthy moment, make sure it “pops” on your blanket, too.

Final check. Check your blanket. Is there a colorful contrast in your picnic spread that a camera can capture? Look for any messy spots. Find one? Cover any with your cutting board or plates. Check your lighting. Natural light is already best. Avoid squinting into the camera or shadows. Softer, afternoon light is great, and sunset can be magical.

Do your foods look fresh? Sprinkle a little water on fruit for a dewy look. Check your background. Twice. Look for people, objects that don’t belong in nature, or roads that can spoil the look.

Pro Picnic Tips from your FIORA® family.

  1. Paper napkins are picnic must-haves. They’re good for wiping down wooden tables, too. Use them instead of plates with a more casual charcuterie menu.
  2. Paper towels can help keep picnic staples like lettuce, veggies, and deli meats fresh. Just after you cut and wash veggies, place them in a plastic bag with a paper towel. It’ll keep them fresher until picnic day. Pack deli meat between cut sheets of paper towels.
  3. Tissues. The joy of a picnic can trigger a few emotions. Or, allergies. Be prepared for both. Our floral-design boxes look great in an outdoor setting.
  4. Toilet Paper. When nature calls, nature calls.

Check out last month’s blogs for even more pro tips for the great outdoors!

Happy picnicking!

With love,
Your FIORA® Family


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