We’ve got your back-to-school lesson plan.

Back to school means back to packing lunches, buying school supplies, traveling to sports practices, and lots of homework sessions. Here’s how FIORA® products can earn an A+ with you.

Is that the school bell ringing? Let’s get to class.


MATH: Let’s talk supply and demand. Schools are asking parents for more supplies than ever before. Facial tissue, paper towels, and toilet paper are tops on more and more back-to-school lists. These costs can really add up.

To meet your school’s demand for supplies, we have affordable toilet paper in Mega Rolls and Double Rolls (in two scents), paper towels with 70% more square feet than the leading brand’s regular roll, and facial tissues in designer boxes that will brighten up kids’ classrooms. Smart choices.

SOCIAL STUDIES: For kids, lunch is a study in social society. For you, it’s an exercise in patience and economics. Lunch prepping is essential. WITH your child, choose a variety of acceptable (to you both) lunch items, like fruits, vegetables, chips, cheese sticks, etc. Pre-package them on the weekend and let your child make selections each morning. For greens and cut veggies, take note of a past tip on our blog and slip in half a sheet of our paper towels to keep them fresh longer.

Keep a drawer of lunch bags pre-filled and pre-labeled with your child’s name. Fill with a FIORA® napkin and a sheet of our paper towels. Why both? The towel serves as a simple placemat. We were kids once. A paper placemat is sanitary and also helps your child designate a space on a crowded lunchroom table. (Remember, this is social studies.)

P.E.: You’re back to go, go, go! Sports practice. Band practice. Theater. Scouts. There’s just no stopping you now! Give our paper towels a prime spot in your car. We know that snacks-on-the-go are inevitable. And so are spills. A paper towel roll is easy to hand from child to child. (Passing a roll also builds that hand-eye coordination, too!)

GEOGRAPHY: There’s no time to spare this season. Prep for the test and be “pre-spared.” Place a toilet paper roll and facial tissue box (with at least one more to spare) within reach in all bathrooms. Position facial tissue in every room and on every person’s home desk. Place spare paper towel rolls in every car (see “P.E.”), in the garage, in bathroom cabinets, under the kitchen sink, and in kids’ closets. Independence is a lesson in and of itself, and kids will learn to clean up after themselves … if we make it as easy as possible.

Phew. That was quite the school day. Now, it’s time for homework. Make your back-to-school list and place FIORA® products at the very top to earn your status as Teacher’s Pet.

Gold stars for everyone! Now, class is dismissed.

With love,
Your FIORA® Family


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