Helpful hints for divvying up dorm room duties.

The first semester of college is in full swing, and whether your kids are cohabitating on campus with new friends or old friends, it’s always good to establish “roommate rolls” for keeping their new shared spaces clean. So The FIORA® Resident Advisor is here to help.


Dorm Life Orientation

Let’s be real. Living with someone who is not a family member is no easy task. So as important as it is to make a good first impression when they reach their new home away from home, boundaries must be set, sacrifices must be made, and ground rules must be followed. Having these conversations from the start is key to a successful roomie experience, and it’s good to remind them that things that were normal for them growing up could seem super weird to their new roommate.

Declaring Your Major… Pet Peeves

There are two very distinct schools of thought when it comes to how toilet paper and paper towels are placed on the roll. “Over or under?” is the million-dollar question because the answer can put people at odds, so it’s best to set expectations for replacing the rolls.

The good news is that whichever their preference, FIORA® has affordable options for toilet paper and paper towels that will be soft, strong, and absorbent no matter how they put them on their holders. So keep both items well stocked and keep that fun debate going all school year long!

Presenting a Textbook Case for a Chore Schedule

Now this one’s really important. A clean home is a happy home, so it’s probably a good idea to make a pact early on to keep the place clean. Dorms and apartments can quickly become sticky and smelly when they’re home to two or more busy college students, so they should make a chore list and schedule and then pinky swear they’ll stick to it.

And because we know money can be tight as students pursue their academic dreams, our paper towels are the budget-friendly way of taking care of business when things inevitably get messy.

The Biology of Sharing a Bathroom

As daunting as it can be to share a dorm room or apartment with another person, sharing a bathroom is a whole other thing. And while figuring out a bathroom schedule is a must, this is one place where the cleaning code of conduct will be crucial. Bathrooms get gross fast, so in addition to making sure they have plenty of TP on hand, stash a roll of our paper towels under the sink or in the linen closet for easy access to a valuable and dependable cleaning tool.

Study Up on Sharing Food

Ooh, this one is tricky. Setting rules and expectations here could really help both parties avoid some serious conflicts, because while some of us are happy to share our snacks, others guard them with their lives. So even if it’s an awkward conversation, roommates should be upfront about what they feel can be shared and what should be kept on individual shelves.

If they’re the sharing kind, offering up one of our paper napkins with the banana bread that Grandma sent will not only show that they were raised with good manners, but it will also help catch crumbs that could leave a mess. Two birds. One stone. Looks like someone’s been paying attention in efficiency class.

Life of the Party

It’s no secret that college opens a whole new door to rooms filled with people, loud music, food, and beverages, so the pre-party chat is instrumental in maintaining a harmonious habitat. They don’t have to be so serious as to sign a party contract, but set some ground rules about when it’s cool to have guests and who’s going to clean up the mess when the party’s over.

And if they’re the ones throwing this shindig, it would be super thoughtful to spring for some FIORA® party napkins and paper towels so they’ll have everything they need for the “cleaning” party that follows.

Household Economics 101

Finally, let’s talk money. Sharing a space means sharing some expenses. Things like paper towels, soap, tissues, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies can add up over time, so this is definitely something they’ll want to figure out at the beginning of the school year. Whether they go even-steven on the bills or trade off buying household items each month, making a plan will keep them from having to hide toilet paper under the bed because the person who shares the roll doesn’t share the cost.

Well, now that the FIORA® Campus Life Basics course has been completed, there will be more time to focus on studies, cheering on sports teams, going to parties, or just laying on a blanket in the Quad if that’s more their speed. Either way, they have everything they need to be a good roomie and have a great year!

With love,
Your FIORA® Family


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