Get it? Spirit! Let’s get ready for Halloween!

There’s something about fall and the chill in the air that really gets us in the mood to do some arts and crafts, so we’re treating you to some fun Halloween tricks! All you need are FIORA® paper products, some easy-to-find art supplies, and a little creative spirit (Ha! We did it again!) to get you rolling.

For kids, we have four simple yet spooktacular projects, and because we know adults love to get in on the Halloween fun too, we have one project that’s a little more advanced. Make one or make them all, and transform your home into a haunted house in time for the big day!


Supplies Needed (for all projects):

  • Empty FIORA® Toilet Paper and Paper Towel tubes
  • FIORA® Napkins
  • Non-toxic paints
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Colored papers like wrapping paper, construction paper, notebook paper, etc.
  • Colored markers or pens
  • A collection of decoration items like stick-on googly eyes, pipe cleaners, ribbons, feathers, and any other fun accessories you can think of
  • Hot glue gun (for Creepy Craft #5 and adults only, please)

Creepy Craft #1: Bathroom Bats

These are fun to have “flying” around your house. Just take a few empty toilet paper tubes, paint them, and let them dry. When they’re dry, fold down the tops of the tubes to make the ears. Use a marker or pen to draw smiles, make wings and teeth out of construction paper, and glue them on. Then, finish the bat faces with stick-on googly eyes.

Creepy Craft #2: Messy Mummies

Under normal circumstances, we use FIORA® Paper Towels to clean up messes, but it’s Halloween, so we’re going to use them to make a mess. “Messy Mummies,” that is. First, paint empty paper towel tubes black. Next, trim the tubes into the individual sizes you want your mummies to be. Cut paper towel sheets into strips with scissors, apply glue to one side of each strip, and then wrap the strips around each tube in a haphazard way (because we don’t know of any mummies with perfectly lined up wraps). NOTE: This one requires scissors, so kids should ask their “mummies” to help. (Sorry, we just can’t help ourselves with these puns!)

Creepy Craft #3: Monster Squad

Your own little “monsters” will LOVE this one and so will you because you can use paper towel AND toilet paper rolls to make different sizes. You can also go wild with a variety of paint colors, googly eyes, paper accessories, and markers. Really use your imagination to create happy monsters, scary monsters, or even nerdy monsters with pipe cleaner glasses. Bonus: Pipe cleaners also make great hair, arms, legs, and tentacles.

Creepy Craft #4: Supernatural Napkins

Who knew napkins could be so spooky? Well, they are when you make scary ghosts out of them! All you need to do for this classic Halloween creature is take one napkin and ball it up. Then, unfold a second napkin and drape it over the ball. Tie a ribbon just below the ball to create the ghost’s head and body, and then draw eyes and a mouth to make the face. Hang several of these ghosts around the house for a real “haunting” effect.

Creepy Craft #5: Haunted House Candles

And finally, our more advanced undertaking for the teens and grownups. To get started, rip the top off a paper towel or toilet paper tube to create a rough edge. Next, using a hot glue gun, carefully make a series of drips around the top of the tube. Then, paint it black. Once the first coat of paint is dry, go over it with a dry brush of gray paint to bring out highlights. Once THAT coat is dry, fill the candle (tube) with crumpled bits of paper towel to support the “flame” you’ll make using a rough bit of paper towel painted gold, folded into a flame shape, and placed into the top. See? We told you this one was advanced, but we’re sure you can candle it. Oops. We mean handle it.

With so many fun projects, you and your family will be busy little decorators, so make sure you’ve got plenty of FIORA® paper products on hand. That way, you can make everything on the list and really up your “scare” game this year. Happy Halloween!

With love,
Your FIORA® Family


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