From the FIORASPHERE’Tis the Season for Giving Thanks!

We hope you brought an appetite for fun!

Our favorite meal of the year is here! But more than just a big, bountiful table full of goodness, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to gather with your nearest and dearest and show them how much you appreciate them.

And the FIORA® family member we’d like to give thanks to this year is… our beloved Paper Napkin. Always so versatile and hardworking, we’re dedicating this post to the mighty napkin and showing you just how much love these understated beauties can bring to the party.

So grab a fork and pass the potatoes because we’re setting the table for family, friends, and fun with FIORA®.

’Tis the Season for Giving Thanks!

Center of Attention

Sure, the obvious star of the show on Thanksgiving Day is the turkey, but with a few simple yet well-crafted centerpieces, you can serve up a side of beauty with that decadent spread that will set an easy and whimsical tone for the celebration.

All you need are some old mason jars, vases or empty bottles, a little bit of twine, and a handful of pinecones to create these lovely up-cycled centerpieces. Neatly fold a few FIORA® paper napkins, add them to the mason jars, and place them up and down the table to keep extras within reach for your guests.

Fold It and Roll It

Forks on the left? Knives on the right? And spoons go… where? Don’t fret. There’s a way to keep it simple and elegant. We call it the “FIORA® Fold and Roll.” And when you pair this smooth move with traditional Thanksgiving herbs, you get a table setting that’s fit for a foodie photo shoot.

Simply wrap a fork, spoon, and knife in a FIORA® paper napkin; place a sprig of rosemary, thyme, parsley, or cinnamon stick on top of the napkin roll; and tie it together with a small piece of twine to create a beautiful and fragrant silverware holder for each place setting.

Getting Crafty at the Kids’ Table

Looking for ways to keep your little “turkeys” busy at the kids’ table? Here’s a fun activity they’re sure to gobble up!

To get them started, place a stack of FIORA® paper napkins; some red, orange, yellow, and brown markers; clothespins; and googly eyes on the kids’ table. Then fold the napkins in a fan shape, pinch the center of each fan with a clothespin, and draw colorful lines on the napkins. Once that’s done, add small droplets of water to the napkins so the colors bleed and set them aside to dry. Once they’re dry, add the googly eyes for the finishing touch, and place them throughout the dining areas for a more playful decor.

Wow, between the creativity happening in the kitchen and at the table, we’re stuffed. But before we turn on the game or settle in for a nap, we want to give thanks to all of you and let you know how much we appreciate the inspiration and love. We couldn’t – and wouldn’t – do what we do without you. Happy Thanksgiving!

With love,
Your FIORA® Family


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