From the FIORASPHEREBackyard Adventures Await

Get ready for tons of fun that’s close to home

Hooray! Summer is finally here! We’re ready for adventure! And the good news is, we have ideas that will — with a little imagination and creativity — turn your own backyard into a destination for fun and exploration all summer long.

Backyard Adventures Await

Happy Campers

June Camping1

You don’t have to load up the car and drive to the mountains to sleep under the stars. If you’ve got a tent and sleeping bags, you can walk right out your back door and set up camp in your own backyard to create a wilderness adventure that keeps all the comforts of home close by.

(Pro Backyard Camping Tip: If you really want to “rough it,” be sure to throw a roll of TP in the tent, so everyone’s prepared if nature calls.)

To keep the fam in the great outdoors mood, gather around a fire pit or a charcoal grill and put your imaginations to work by pretending you’re out on the “range” singing songs and telling ghost stories. And speaking of fire pits and grills, your backyard “campfire” will come in handy for making everyone’s favorite camping treat… s’mores! They’re fun to make and even more fun to eat, so grab the marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate bars, and skewers and get to snackin’ in the great outdoors! Just make sure you’ve got plenty of paper towels around because, while s’mores are super delicious, we all know they’re super messy, too.

June Camping2

June Smores

Welcome to the FIORA® Seasons

Okay, so we adults might not love bugs, but kids sure do, and it’s important to remember that our backyards are their backyards, too. So let’s make sure our tiny friends feel welcome with a fun and easy-to-make Bug Hotel!

You can use all kinds of household materials to build your bug dream home. Toilet paper and paper towel tubes make perfect nooks and crannies for bugs to call their own, and cardboard boxes and plant pots provide a great framework for a sturdy structure. As for decorating the inside and making it bug-xurious, take a nature walk with the fam to gather supplies, like branches, skinny twigs, dead leaves, tree bark, pinecones, weeds, grass, and flowers.

June Bug Hotel

Once you build it, they will come, so visit your bug hotel in about a week to see what insects, beetles, and bugs have taken up residence. And as your kiddos keep an eye on it from week to week, they’ll learn lots about the crawly side of nature as new guests “check in” throughout the summer.

Muddy Buddies

Saving the messiest for last, we give you the Mud Pie Station! Now, we know you’re probably a little worried about the dirt factor here, but we would never recommend an activity we couldn’t help you clean up. :)

June Mud Kitchen

June Mud Kitchen

Transforming a little corner of your patio or yard into a classic mudpie-making station is, well, easy as pie. All you need is some dirt, a tub or plastic storage bin to hold it, and a little table on top of which your kiddos and their friends will make their mudpie masterpieces. If you want to get “fancy” with your mudpie station, get the kids together and make a sign with an old board, some paint, and a good name to write on it. Other fun accouterments you can add that will help you keep little minds and hands busy include:

  • A “spice rack” made out of an old wooden drawer you can fill with old spice jars or small storage containers. Fill each one with little odds and ends for decorating pies, like pebbles, sand, and beads.
  • A pitcher for water and utensils for stirring.
  • Muffin tins, cake pans, and pie plates (obviously not your finest china).
  • Cleaning supplies! Even though they’re outside, it doesn’t mean they don’t have to keep it clean. Paper towels should do the trick, but be ready to assist with some cleaning spray if they need it.

See how easy it is to entertain your family’s sense of adventure in your own backyard? We hope you enjoy these fun summer activities as much as we do and don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty because, remember, we’re always here to help you clean up. Happy camping and playing!

With love,
Your FIORA® Family


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