From the FIORASPHEREHappy Halloween!

This month’s blog is as packed as an overly ambitious kid’s trick-or-treat bag with ideas that’ll spark the BOO in you! We’re handing out cute and creepy crafts, Halloween-clean tips, and even a fun family game guaranteed to end your spooky night on a very sweet note. Ready to embrace your inner goblin?

Happy Halloween!

Getting Creepy & Crafty

Halloween has become the premiere season for crafting. And we’ve got two for you! One is a little creepy and the other’s cute and crafty. Choose your favorite or make both! Let’s start with cute and crafty, shall we?

Welcome All Your Guests With This Festive Fall Leaf Wreath

What You’ll Need:

  • Paper towel rolls
  • Paint [fall colors]
  • Paintbrush
  • Hot glue
Wreath supplies

What You’ll Do:

Step 1: Cut

Flatten the paper towel rolls and cut them into strips, roughly ½” wide. Each paper towel roll will make approximately 13 leaves.

Step 2: Paint

Paint the strips your favorite fall colors. Make sure to paint both the outside and inside of each strip. Then, let them dry for 1 hour.

Wreath in process

Step 3: Make the leaves

Take 5 pieces of the same color, arrange them in the shape of a leaf, and glue them together for about 12 or 13 leaves total.

Step 4: Shape them into a wreath

Arrange the leaves in a circular shape. Secure the leaves together with hot glue. TIP: Try to glue the leaves together at as any points as possible to create a stable wreath.

Almost complete

Step 5: Enjoy!

Hang on your door and enjoy all the compliments that we know will start rolling in!

The EYES Have It With This Creepy Little Craft!

the Eyes have it

Why does it feel like someone’s watching me? Ohhhhhh the fun you’ll have and the Halloween mood this will create in your “haunted” house. Watch the video below and let it glow!

Making eyes at you

Six Scary-Good Reasons to Keep Your Favorite FIORA® Products Close This Halloween Season!

Pumpkin time
  1. Pumpkin carving is super fun but messy! Clean it up with FIORA® Paper Towels.
  2. Trick or treat! Wipe those feet! Or should be say paws? … after the Halloween Pet Parade!
  3. Candy is dandy, but chocolate gets melty. Be napkin-ready!
  4. Paper towels make great table tarps for all your Halloween crafting.
  5. Pumpkin seed dryer! After rinsing your pumpkin seeds, place them on sheets of paper towels and pat them dry before roasting.
  6. Halloween parties mean more bathroom traffic. Be sure to stock up on TP so it doesn’t, well you know, disappear. Gotta love our Halloween humor!

It’s Time to Play … Halloween Candy Dump!

Remember how thrilling it was to dump all your Halloween candy on the floor after you filled your bag [or pillowcase] to capacity? We sure do! It was almost a childhood rite of passage celebrating all the hard work behind your trick-or-treating efforts. Well, we’ve taken the nostalgic fun of this sweet tradition and made it into a game!

How to Play:

  • Dump your candy bag on the floor [as if we even need to tell you this!].
  • Sort it out as quickly as you can into piles of candy matches [i.e., repeats of the same kind of candy].
  • The player who sorts their pieces the quickest AND has the most of the same kind of candy is the winner!
  • Mom, here’s where you come in! Announce the winner loud and clear through — you guessed it — an empty roll of FIORA® Paper Towels!
  • After the winner is declared, host a family grab where everyone closes their eyes and gets to grab one piece of candy from each other’s piles … YES! Even the full-size bars are fair game. So grab away!

Thanks for stopping by! We “witch” you a safe and fun season filled with FIORA® products to help keep your Halloween wicked clean!

With love,
Your FIORA® Family


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