From the FIORASPHERENew Year, New View

Make a Fresh Start With Unexpected Storage Solutions

If you’re anything like us, the end of the holiday season and the promise of a new year has you looking around the house for fun, new projects to freshen things up a bit. And you’re in luck! We have some ideas you might not have thought of that are top of mind for us here at FIORA® — paper towel and toilet paper storage ideas, that is!

Go ahead. Grab some supplies and take notes because those pantries and closets aren’t going to re-organize themselves. The best part? Using these creative tricks will help you minimize clutter and maximize space — all in fresh FIORA® style.

New Year, New View

Racks & Hacks

Sometimes the best ideas can be found in the most unexpected places. Like this one… Did you ever think your home office would be home to brilliant bathroom storage solutions? Well, it turns out magazine racks and file folder holders are about as wide as a roll of toilet paper.

Fiora paper towels

Impressive, right? Not only do you get to put a unique spin on one of life’s greatest necessities, but repurposing office supplies can also save you money compared to traditional storage solutions found in the bathroom aisle of your favorite home stores. Combine that with the money you already save on your smartly priced FIORA® toilet paper and you get a real savings win-win!

What’s in the Box?

Now that we’ve got you thinking outside of the box, let’s think about actual boxes and how you can upcycle and dress them up to turn them into decorative pantry storage for FIORA® paper towels and toilet paper. All you need are a couple of extra boxes and some burlap, contact paper, or any other extra fabrics you might have lying around the house after the holidays are over.

Just take a square section of your selected fabric and lay it out flat. Then place the box on top, in the center of the square, and wrap the fabric up and over the sides of the box. Secure the fabric inside with pins, staples, or a glue gun and, voila!

Storage space

And if you want to take your new box-wrapping skills a step further, grab some extra fabric and turn smaller boxes into paper napkin holders so your napkins will look good, as well, in the pantry, on the kitchen counter, or on the dinner table when guests pop by.

If the Shoe – er – Roll Fits… Store It!

You say function. We say fashion. Well, actually fashion AND function because this hack is the best of both worlds. Imagine our delight when we discovered that the compartments in these hanging shoe racks are a perfect fit for a roll of toilet paper OR paper towels! The easiest hack of the bunch, the hanging shoe rack works almost anywhere! All you have to do is take it out of your bedroom closet and put it in your bathroom closet. Or the kitchen pantry. Or wherever you want to store your extra rolls of FIORA® paper towels or toilet paper. It’s really that easy!

tucked away

Feeling more organized? We hope these clever storage ideas get your creative wheels turning as you roll into a new year full of possibilities. Cheers to the happy days ahead!

With love,
Your FIORA® Family


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