From the FIORASPHEREReady to Be Wrapped Up in Holiday Spirit?

We’ve got FIORA® Festivities that are fun for everyone!

They don’t call it “The most wonderful time of the year” for nothing. The holiday season has everything! Family, friends, food, fun, jingle bells, twinkling lights, and so many other merry little things that make December special. Like… presents! And this year, our gifts to you are some fun and easy, yet smart and sustainable, ways to spread lots of cheer around the house.

You could say we’ve been on a “roll” dreaming up these cheerful crafts, wintry wrapping hacks, and deck the halls-worthy decorations.

Ready to Be Wrapped Up in Holiday Spirit?

Meet: The Snowman-TLE Family

Admit it… when Frosty came to life in that classic holiday cartoon, you were filled with feelings of joy and holiday magic. Well, so were we. Which is why we wanted to create a little Snowman family of our own that could live inside all season long. We call our crafty little crew “The FIORA® Snowman-tle Family” and think they are the perfect complement to the stockings we’ve hung by the chimney with care.

And you can make your very own Snow Fam with a few simple steps. To make it even more fun, dress them up and add accessories so they resemble your relatives and friends. Or better yet, invite them over and have them create their own Snowman selves.

Suggested Crafting Supplies:

  • FIORA® Toilet Paper tubes
  • 3 sheets of white 8.5×11-inch paper (for 6 rolls)
  • Scissors (don’t run!)
  • Glue (stick or gel)
  • Markers
  • Felt/ fabric for scarves and hats
  • Buttons


  1. Cut the sheets of paper in half (the long way)
  2. Glue the sheets to the outsides of the rolls
  3. Draw on eyes, mouths, and noses
  4. Cut and tie felt/fabric scarves (save some felt/fabric for hats)
  5. Glue on buttons under the scarves
  6. Glue felt/fabric to interior of the cardboard tubes to make hats
  7. Cut felt/fabric strips to make rims for the hats and glue them on
  8. Glue button stacks to the top of the hats
  9. Place your Snow Fam on your mantle for all to see!

Whimsical Wonderland

Sure, walking in a winter wonderland is a wonderful thing. But you know what’s even more wonderful? A whimsical winter wonderland! And the best part is, it’s so easy to make! With just a few simple steps and a mix of FIORA® Paper Towel and Toilet Paper tubes, you can create a holiday landscape of tall and short spiral-y trees that would make the Whos in Whoville hold hands and sing.

To start, paint a collection of paper towel and toilet paper tubes in a variety of colors and let the paint dry. When the paint is dry, cut a wide spiral along the bottom of each tube, so it’s stable at the base. As you keep cutting in a spiral shape up each tube, you can make your spiral a little thinner to create a pointier top. Once you have all your trees cut, it’s time to decorate! Break out the glitter, paint, stickers, sequins, and stars to make your FIORA® festive forest really sparkle.

That’s a Wrap!

We all know good things can come in small packages, so we’re showing you two holiday wrapping hacks that will let you tuck little treats on the tree and inside stockings and hide tiny surprise trinkets around the house.

For the first wrap hack, take FIORA® Toilet Paper tubes and pinch the sides to create small gift boxes. Once a gift is inside each one, pick a wrapping paper and finish the look with ribbon or a bow. Don’t forget the name tags, so the curious recipients can have fun shaking them and guessing what’s inside!

The second hack will turn any toilet paper or paper towel tube into a holly jolly candy decoration that you can hide actual candy inside. Simply fill the tubes with treats, wrap them up with wrapping paper, and add a layer of colored cellophane over the wrapping paper. Then tie off the ends to complete the candy look and delight family, friends, and guests as they discover there’s more than meets the eye with these holiday decorations.

Feeling warm, fuzzy, and ready for the holidays yet? We sure are! And we wish with all our hearts that your hearts are full of magic, wonder, and love all season long. Happy holidays and a joyous new year!

With love,
Your FIORA® Family


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