From the FIORASPHERESoak Up Every Last Drop of Summer!

We’ve got some fun tips to help you gear up for the wind down!

We hate to say it out loud, but summer’s starting to wind down. Can someone hand us a FIORA® tissue, please?! 😢 Make it last longer by soaking up every single ray of sun and every last drop of family fun! How does a farewell-to-summer road trip or end-of-summer reunion sound? Let’s go!

Soak Up Every Last Drop of Summer!

Take Us on the Road!

Road trips are a great way to enjoy things at your own leisurely pace and reconnect with your family along the way. There are plenty of obvious reasons to bring FIORA® along for the ride - spills, wipes, and sneezes - to name a few. But here are some less obvious reasons that make us the perfect travel companion.

Rest Stop Rescue

We’ve all been there. You run in. Sit down. And start to “go” before you realize you’re reaching for an empty roll! Arrgghhh! Come prepared. Bring a spare! And you’ll never have to knock on your neighbor’s stall wall pleading for toilet paper again!

Tissue Tune-Out!

We know you love your family, but there are times when silence is golden. Did you know that our facial tissue makes great DIY ear plugs? For a quieter ride, just twist and plug!

Tissue Tune Out!

Windshield Wizard

Is it just us or has everyone found themselves in this situation? You pull in for gas and a much-needed windshield cleaning only to discover a bone-dry cleaner caddy and no paper wipes in sight! Pro travelers keep a bottle of window cleaner and a roll of FIORA® paper towels handy for a clear view and happy trails ahead!

Handy Hero

Keeping the kiddos busy on a road trip can be tricky. Try a little origami napkin art to cut those “Are we there yet?” inquiries off at the pass! You’ll keep them occupied, and you’ll have the best-set table for your roadside picnic. A win-win in our book! Take a look:

What Did You Do on Your Summer Vacation?

It seems everyone goes their busy, separate ways during the summer. So one of the best things about our favorite season coming to an end is the reuniting of neighbors and friends!

Throw an end-of-summer reunion and invite the gang over to swap stories and share memories made over the past three months. We’ve created a game called “Share on a Square” to make it even more fun!

Let’s Play … Share on a Square!

They say some of the best thoughts were written on the back of cocktail napkins! We’re borrowing that and making it a FIORA® napkin instead!

Share on a square!

  • Hand each of your guests a FIORA® napkin and a pen.
  • Ask them to write down their favorite summer memory in a few words.
  • Drop them in a bowl and have everyone pick one.
  • If you pick your own, put it back in and pick again.
  • Read it out loud and have guests try to match the memory with the author.

We hope you’ve gotten a kick out of our farewell-to-summer tips. Wishing you all the best as you absorb these last drips and drops of summer. Enjoy the rest of the season and keep it clean!

With love,
Your FIORA® Family


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