From the FIORASPHEREThings are Getting Furry in the Fiorasphere

This One’s for You, Pet Parents!

Whether you’re a dog parent, a cat parent, or both, this issue is a real tail-wagger! It’s filled with tips and tricks to help keep your pet-friendly home extra clean and happy. So please, sit, stay, and read all about it! 🐶😺

Things are Getting Furry in the Fiorasphere

Keeping It Clean

We LOVE our furry family members just as much as you do. But, if we’re being honest, they do require an extra layer of cleaning. Check out these tricks to keep your house clean as a dog whistle or cat’s whiskers. 😂 Yes! We’re all about equal opportunity pet parenting here at FIORA®!

Roll Over!

They say dogs are man’s best friend. We certainly agree with that, but there’s always room for more. Allow us to introduce you to another best friend … the lint roller! They’re doggone purrfect [see what we did there?!] for removing pet fur and hair from lamp shades, throw pillows, table tops … pretty much anywhere Fido or Felix frequent. You can even make one out of an empty roll of FIORA® toilet paper by wrapping it in packing tape – so smart!

Lint roller lessons

Farewell Fur Balls

Do you have an overachiever when it comes to shedding? Dog parents, we’re looking at you! Some of the more high-shedding breeds tend to leave tumbleweeds of little fur balls in seemingly every corner of the house. We’ve got a simple solution.

Just dampen a few sheets of FIORA® paper towels with warm water and wipe away! Works on both carpet and hardwood floors. Pro Tip: Brush your pets often to lessen the intensity of shedding.

Cozy Up & Protect

If you’re like us, you love sharing the couch with your fur babies. Before you get too comfortable, invest in a few inexpensive throws to prevent daily wear and tear on your furniture. Choose 100% cotton or acrylic-cotton blends. They work best and are machine washable for easy care!

Shave Your Pet Stains Away [Well, Sort Of!]

Shaving Cream is your secret weapon for cleaning pet stains. We kid you not! Just spray the stain [be sure to use foam, not gel] and let it sit for a minute until it foams up. Then, wipe clean with warm water and FIORA® paper towels or sponge.

Shaving cream dreams

Paw Patrol

Seems like a no-brainer. We humans wipe our feet when we walk through the door, so shouldn’t your pets, too? Leave a roll of FIORA® paper towels at the front and back doors, so you can wipe those paws pronto and save yourself from constant floor cleaning!

Finally … A Bonus Tip For Our FIORA® Feline Families

Ever wonder why your cat likes to scratch against the furniture? Scratching is a natural way for cats to relieve stress, shed old layers of their nails, and express excitement. So give your favorite feline a playful platform to get his daily quota of scratching in!

Cat scratcher toilet tube

Cat Scratcher Toy

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 Empty FIORA® Toilet Paper Roll
  • 1 Small Roll of Natural Jute or Sisal Twine

What You’ll Do:

  1. Fill toilet paper roll with paper
  2. Wrap toilet paper roll with Sisal Rope
  3. Knot the ends to hold it together
  4. If you’re a fan of catnip, put some inside to engage your feline friend
  5. Time to play!

Hope you don’t think we’re “begging” for a compliment, but we’re guessing you found this issue nothing short of the cat’s meow? Or maybe top dog? We’ll stop now, before we over-exert our “punny” bone! Thanks so much for stopping by. We’ll see you next month with more fantastic FIORA® tips for easy back-to-school prep. Until then, keep it clean!

With love,
Your FIORA® Family


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