From the FIORASPHERETime for Summer Vacay!

Take FIORA® Along for the Ride

Kicking back and gearing up — two opposites that blend together seamlessly when it comes to summer travel. These special trips come in all shapes and sizes. From the carefully planned and long-awaited family vacations to those spontaneous getaways and throw-it-in-the-car-and-go trips! Before you head out, we’re here to share a few helpful hacks to get you packed and on the road to some good, clean, family fun!

Time for Summer Vacay!

Get Rolling!

Since FIORA® is all about the rolls, we thought we’d keep things rolling with this little ditty. When packing, don’t fold your clothes. Roll them instead. Why? Rolling your clothes has double the benefit. It saves space in your suitcase and it helps reduce wrinkling, leaving you with less ironing and more time with the ones you love.

fiora necklace

Tangle-Free Travel

Packing necklaces and bracelets when traveling can be a bit of a tangle. "Knot" 😉 anymore! 😂 Just grab a few empty FIORA® paper towel rolls. Feed each piece of jewelry through the interior of the rolls. Clasp them on the outside, and de-tangle no more!

Take fiora in the car with you why not

Road Trays

Road trips and fast-food drive-thrus go hand in hand. To keep the kiddos’ food and drinks contained while mobile, pick up a few inexpensive shower caddies. The multiple compartments make it easy for little hands to manage their meals without the worry of spillage or food crumbs taking over the backseat. Bonus: There’s plenty of room for extra FIORA® napkins, too! If you’re like us, it’s always after we pull away that we find just one napkin in the to-go bag! LOL

Fiora can hold your glasses for you

Don’t Forget to Pack Your Glasses

Here’s a quick craft that’ll keep your eyeglasses protected in your purse, your suitcase, or pretty much anywhere you stash them, whether at home or away. Oh, and if you’re having trouble finding them at the moment, check the top of your head. Sorry! We just couldn’t pass that up. 😂

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 Empty FIORA® paper towel roll
  • Fabric
  • Craft Glue
  • 6 Binder Clips

What You’ll Do:

  • Cut your paper towel roll to fit the size of your glasses.
  • Cut your roll open down the long side [lengthwise].
  • Glue your fabric to the outside of the roll, tuck in all the edges, and glue them to the inside.
  • Secure the edges with binder clips.
  • Let it dry.
  • Remove the binder clips and drop your glasses right in!

Hair Ties Unite!

Here’s a super-duper easy way to create an away-from-home headquarters for your hair ties while traveling. Simply slide elastic hair bands onto your empty FIORA® toilet paper roll and off you go!

Well, that about wraps things up for this month. But before we skedaddle, here are a couple of last-minute thoughts. As you're packing up, don’t forget the FIORA® paper towels and facial tissue for road trip drips along the way. And do your best to live in the moment by soaking up every ounce of joy that this special time spent with your family brings you. Cheers to a clean getaway!

With love,
Your FIORA® Family


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