From the FIORASPHERETime to Reset and Roll Into the New Year

With Fresh Ideas from FIORA®

Happy 2023!! We’re back and kicking the year off with an issue that’s jam-packed with incredible hacks. The kind of big ideas that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear and thinking “Wow, who knew?” We’ll take you outside the cleaning realm — beyond the spills and wipes — into a wide world of clever uses that revolve around our very own FIORA® paper towels. Ready. Set. Roll!

Time to Reset and Roll Into the New Year

Cease the Crease!

How ’bout a show of hands from everyone who’d gladly welcome a little less ironing in their lives? We’re guessing we’re not alone! To prevent those annoying creases from showing up on your pants while hanging in your closet, here’s all you’ll need to do:

1.) Cut a slit lengthwise in one empty paper towel roll. For best results, we recommend using our favorite brand, aka FIORA®. As if we needed to say that! 😉

2.) Slide the roll onto a hanger and hang your pants as you normally would. The paper towel roll gives the pants a wider space to lay on, preventing creases from forming.

easy pan protection

Easy Peasy Pan Protection

Non-stick pans can use a little self-defense while nesting in your kitchen cabinets. Show them you care by placing a sheet of FIORA® paper towels in between each pot or pan to reduce friction and prevent scratches. Sure you could buy expensive pads to do the trick, but wouldn’t you rather save that money for something less functional and more fun instead? We thought so!

Boot camp

Boot Camp

Mom always told us to stop slouching and sit up straight. Now you can pass that invaluable advice on to your boots. Yes! You heard that right. Your boots! To prevent them from folding over, slide one or two empty paper towel rolls into each boot to keep them fully vertical and in top-notch shape.

A berry good idea

A Berry Good Idea

Did you know that lots of fruits and veggies release water after they’re stored? Here’s a simple way to absorb that moisture and maintain freshness longer. We’ll use berries as our example.

1.) Line a sealable container with a few sheets of FIORA® paper towels, and add more between each layer of berries.

2.) Keep the lid slightly open to allow excess moisture to evaporate.

3.) Store in your fridge and enjoy!

Pack Your Bags!

Pack Your Bags!

Here’s a great way to organize all those loose plastic bags you’ve got balled up under your kitchen sink waiting for repurposing. We all do it, right?! 😂

Grab a few empty paper towel rolls and pack those bags right in! The tube acts as a handy-dandy dispenser — so you can pull bags out as needed — while feeling and looking a lot more organized. That’s what we like to call a FIORA® win-win!

Thanks so much for taking the time to scroll through our first blog of the year. It’s always exciting to kick off a new season, and we’re so grateful you landed here. It might sound a little unorthodox [coming from us], but we know there’s more behind our paper products than cleaning, or should we say “than what’s on the surface”? Ha! So hang on tight, ʼcause we’re going deep to bring you more surprises and helpful content each month. We’re off to a great start and, as always, we’ll keep it rollin’!

With love,
Your FIORA® Family


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