From the FIORASPHEREValentine’s Day the FIORA® Way!

Sending Lots of TP LOVE

In the heartfelt spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’re dedicating this issue to the two qualities we all look for in a partner: Softness and Strength. It’s no coincidence that this same winning combo is what makes FIORA® the toilet paper of choice for so many. Where are we going with this? Straight to the heart! We’re delivering three ideas for turning your toilet paper into a Valentine. An unexpected way to show your family you care in an unexpected place … the bathroom! Ready to roll?

Valentine’s Day the FIORA® Way!

TP Heart

TP with Heart

You’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve? Try wearing your heart on your TP instead, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

TP Heart how to

Follow These Steps:

  • First, roll out 1 ½ sheets from the top.
  • Next, make a small tear down the center.
  • Fold each corner in on each side of the tear [this will create the top of the heart].
  • Flip the top of the heart upward.
  • Fold from the bottom of the square over the top of the heart and fold from the corners into the middle to make the heart point.
  • Now simply flip down to reveal the heart.

TP Rose

Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Nothing says “I love you” like a dozen roses or a rose-enhanced roll of toilet paper! Follow these simple steps to make a lasting impression on your family with the help of your favorite TP. FIORA®, of course!

TP Rose how to


  • First, roll out 6 sheets of FIORA® toilet paper.
  • Next, fold the sheets in half.
  • Roll the toilet paper around your index finger, twisting the paper as you go.
  • Insert a bit of toilet paper into the center to fill in the hole that your index finger created.
  • Spread the center of the flower inward to close off any gaps between it and the other rose petals. Then, for a finishing touch, fluff rose petals.

TP Diamond

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Not to toot our own horn, but we think this diamond toilet paper design is a cut above the rest. Please pardon the pun and get in on the FIORA® Valentine’s Day fun!

TP Diamond how to

Follow These Steps:

  • Unroll 1 sheet of FIORA® toilet paper and fold the lower edge so it lies on the left vertical edge. -Fold the lower left corner to touch the corner on the right.
  • Fold the triangle flap upward.
  • Turn the roll over. Fold the lower left corner to touch the tip of the triangle and repeat this step for the right side.
  • Roll the toilet paper toward you.
  • Gently turn the roll over.

We truly believe the heart of every home is family, and during the month of February, we’re happily reminded of the important part you play in making our FIORA® family so very special. We hope you’ve enjoyed our Valentine’s Day ode to TP. It’s our unique way of sending you a great, big FIORA® hug before Cupid makes his rounds! And now, without further adieu, we’d like to leave you with this short, but incredibly sweet Valentine poem. May you be showered with love all month long and take comfort in our TP that’s both soft and strong. See you next time!

With love,
Your FIORA® Family


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